Advocate Business Solutions understand that there is rarely a single solution that will make it easier to achieve your business goals. Often there are many complex obstacles to overcome, and a variety of issues to be resolved in order to help your business be all it can be. This is why we offer a full range of business services, tailored to your individual requirements and we never ask for any payment until you see measurable results.

We firmly believe we are the only partner you’ll need to engage with, and that we can help you resolve your problems or take advantage of opportunities.  Whether you want to develop your products or services, get a grip on your finances or launch a new arm of your existing business, Advocate Business Solutions are leading the field when it comes to business consultants in Somerset and beyond.

Our aims for your business

Following a completely free initial consultation, we will devise an achievable action plan which will put you in the driving seat.  You tell us where you want to be and we will help you get there. Our overarching aim for your business is to ensure you can:

  • Focus on developing the right elements of your business, and that you are building in areas which will produce real results.
  • Hone your decision making process to help you make choices that are both actionable and timely.
  • Prioritise your resources effectively, using your time, money and effort in ways that will reap the greatest rewards.

Your business is as unique as your own fingerprint, which is why we enter into every consultation with a completely open mind. We don’t pre-package our services; instead we offer a complete range of expert support and knowledge so that you can take from us exactly and only what your business needs at that time.

Our business services

You can talk to us about any issues or elements of your business which you feel could be improved upon. We have particular expertise in areas relating to:

      • Sales
        If your sales could use a boost, we can help you uncover the best strategies for you to sell your products and services. We’ll look at how you can increase revenue, improve your sales processes and make your sales team convert leads into sales.
      • Finance
        Understanding and managing your finances is a necessity – it’s a long term requirement not a short term objective.  Almost every single thing that a business does involves finance either directly or indirectly.  We can help you get to grips with your numbers, what they mean, what they are telling you, which ones matter.
      • Productivity
        Low manufacturing productivity can often be rooted in processes which occur long before the finished product is ready for sale. As professional productivity business consultants, we can help you trace the thread back through all departments to find out where improvements can be made, developing lean manufacturing techniques, reductions in lead time and the creation of more productive business.
      • Quality
        Poor quality, whether in products or services, adversely affects your business both in the short term in terms of cost, and in the longer term in terms of lost customers and a bad reputation.  Even if the mistakes don’t actually reach your customer, they are costing you money – straight off the bottom line.  We can help you find cost effective solutions that are easy to implement and have immediate positive impact.
      • Business systems
        Your business should run like a well-oiled machine. If you’re starting to feel like the cogs are grinding along, and not performing as they should, a review of your business systems will help uncover the facts. We’ll help you see how all the different elements of your business should and can integrate, and where refinements can be made to get everything working in harmony.
      • Training
        We strongly believe that a business is only as good as its people, which is why we positively encourage skills advancement in every sector. Our training consultancy services can help you identify what actions can be taken to help drive business growth and change, so that once we’re no longer with you, you can manage better without our help.

Feel free to talk to us about your vision for the future of your business, whether you are a sole trader or a small business owner a discussion with us can help you see how your ambitions can become a reality.  With our breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, we can not only help in a specific area, but also understand the impacts on the business as a whole.