Productivity and Quality


For any business, large or small, improving productivity should always be a major goal. Whether it’s a case of simple operational tweaks, or a major overhaul of systems and processes, investing in productivity improvements is always directly linked to an increase in profits, and should be high on your ‘wish list’ of business related goals.

In a recent survey of 750 UK businesses commissioned by Lombard, it was revealed that around 95 per cent of companies are investing in improving productivity and efficiency in their organisation. 80 per cent of manufacturing companies are planning to invest in new plant and machinery to improve productivity, and 75 per cent of the surveyed companies said they were investing in workforce and management skills to improve efficiencies.

Whether you’ve already decided to invest in productivity improvements or are simply wondering whether you need to, employing the services of a high quality management consultant is your first step to making the right investments for your business.

What can a productivity management consultant do for you?

If you ask us to help you improve productivity, we will get to know your business inside and out, working with you to find out your future goals before conducting a thorough review of your existing processes and systems. We will then provide you with practical solutions and in depth advice so you can implement the recommendations and transform your productivity levels.

Furthermore, our job as your productivity management consultant is to put in place practical solutions that make a real difference to your business. We will help you:

  • Plan – A workable productivity programme for your business, as well as solutions for monitoring and controlling it.
  • Identify – Quick wins and longer term goals that will make a real difference to your business
  • Implement – Develop a strategy for implementing productivity improvements over time
  • Support – You’ll be in control of the ongoing implementation of the strategy, but we’re always on hand to support and advise as you move forward through the plan

If you’re looking for a management consultant with a proven track record and a focus on practical solutions, talk to Advocate Business Solutions Ltd today. With no payment required until you see results, there has never been a better time to contact us for professional business advice.


The Chartered Quality Institute define this as “Ultimately, quality is an outcome – a characteristic of a product or service provided to a customer, and the hallmark of an organisation which has satisfied all of its stakeholders”

We can all understand that quality is vital to a business, and yet it can be difficult to define. A more pragmatic definition is that “Quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of the customer”

It includes appearance, functionality, reliability, consistency, durability, value for money, which is fine when it relates to products, but what about services?  Great customer service is of course needed, but how do you measure that?

At Advocate Business Solutions we look at what systems, training, processes need to be put in place (or revised), to prevent mistakes and avoid problems.  Getting things right first time around means you don’t end up with scrap, returns, unhappy customers…..and the benefit this has to the bottom line!  We will work with you to:

  • Identify variations in your process
  • Determine the cost of getting it wrong and therefore the bottom line benefit of getting it right
  • Decide on the best method of implementation
  • Support with training

If you’re looking to get things right first time around, retain customers who really like what you do and how you do it, recommend you, then talk to Advocate Business Solutions Ltd today.