Business Systems and Training

Business systems

If you’re starting to feel like your business needs a solution to make it work better, our business systems services will help you put things straight. A business systems analyst can often provide a welcome new perspective on the functioning and organisation of your processes and planning, to help you increase efficiency and get the most out of your available resources.

What does a business systems analyst do?
Here at Advocate Business Solutions Ltd, we aim to provide practical support to make positive changes within your business. We’ll come up with workable business solutions that have a profoundly positive effect, and ideas that can be implemented over time to keep your company functioning to the best of its ability.

Our role as your business systems analyst will include:

  • Identifying and evaluating current systems and processes to see where changes can be made
  • Developing new systems to meet business goals
  • Monitoring feedback from staff and clients on the use of business applications
  • Consulting with different departments to see where hang-ups occur, and where changes will have the greatest impact
  • Revising operational structures, processes and communications to enhance your performance

Our advice and recommendations can help you to seamlessly implement intelligent changes, promoting departmental collaboration, resulting in reduced waste, improved efficiency and increased productivity across all business areas.

Consultancy for today, business solutions for tomorrow
Our goal is not just to make your business operate with more refinement and logic, but to give you the tools and knowledge to identify issues yourself in future, and to implement the changes necessary when improvements are needed. We aim to work ourselves out of a job, leaving you with more confidence and competence to perform better for ever.

Talk to us today about business systems consultancy for your enterprise, and we’ll be pleased to play a part in achieving both short term wins and long term goals.


Advocate Business Solutions are firm believers that well trained staff can transform your business. Well educated, highly skilled employees who are committed to their work deliver results. Whether you are a Sole Trader who relies on contract staff for support or a larger business with a number of employees, the people who you work with are your priority, and with the right blend of skills and knowledge, the sky really is the limit.

Our training and business development consultancy can help you to identify gaps in your skill sets, helping you see where additional training programmes could help. Not only that, we also aim to uncover additional skills within your existing workforce to help you maximise the benefits of your current employees. Who knew Grace from accounts could speak Mandarin?

Identifying training needs

Approval of appropriate training programmes for their staff is one of the wisest business development investments your company can make. As one of the South West’s leading management consulting firms, we are committed to identifying training opportunities and needs based on your vision for the future of your business.

With our guidance, you can select the most cost effective and relevant training programmes for your business development, including:

  • Management and leadership development
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Coaching
  • Recruitment, HR and retention
  • Business skills
  • And more

Other business consulting firms may have their own reasons for recommending particular training courses. They may be the ones that the consultants are most suited to deliver themselves, or they may receive kickbacks from providers they recommend.

However, we believe in only recommending what is genuinely necessary, and that which is going to have a lasting impact on your business. Well trained staff are less likely to make mistakes, productivity is increased and systems can be streamlined. We offer a completely independent, unbiased training consultancy for the good of your business, so that you can make an informed decision about your training requirements going forward.

Training programmes for all
For all employees , feeling like you are moving forward in your career is one of the biggest motivators for staff in your business. Offering appropriate opportunities for development is beneficial to your business, to your staff and for the overall motivation and operation of your teams.  Why not discuss your training requirements with Advocate Business Solutions we will help you develop a successful training and development strategy.