“Can a business consultant actually help me?”

The benefits of obtaining advice from a business consultant should not be underestimated, yet for many business owners and directors, whether a business consultant could help isn’t even something that they consider. Often, owners, directors and managers are so busy trying to run their business they can’t take a step back every now and then to see where their business could be running more efficiently and effectively.

Perhaps it is an issue of cost, or maybe it is just that business owners don’t really get what business consultants are all about. Advocate Business Solutions was launched to address both of these issues. What makes us so unique you might be thinking? Well for a start, we do not charge anything until our advice and guidance results in actual benefits for our clients. It makes us self-financing, but also addresses the very real issue that many businesses have – they don’t have spare cash for what seems like a speculative venture.

Actually bringing in a consultant – someone with specialist knowledge who can help you see the wood for the trees can be a very cost effective solution.  You only pay for what you use; receiving the support and achieving positive results that you require while leaving you with time to run your business and build for the future. What’s more, you will also receive regular updates so you can measure progress and check that you’re on the right track.

The best consultants – and that most certainly includes us – won’t tell you what you want to hear, or simply regurgitate what you have told them.  They will bring clarity, focus and immediacy to the things that need attention, and identify what needs to be done to improve them.  Practical pragmatic solutions that can be implemented with the resources you already have.  They will identify when you will see the improvement, what that will look like and how to sustain it.  Then and only then do you pay for this service.

The other thing that a consultant MUST do, is to look at the WHOLE business, and consider how making changes in one area will affect another.  There’s no point in just working on a sales strategy if production or the people responsible for delivering are already at full capacity!

Working with Advocate Business Solutions will bring you the results that you need and help you define a vision for the future. Contact us today and learn how your business can benefit from professional consultancy advice.