About Us

Advocate Business Solutions was launched to deliver comprehensive advice, support and guidance to SMEs and Sole Traders. We work with a diverse range of clients across a number of different sectors in order to develop and implement workable solutions.

When you ask us to help with a problem or an opportunity in your business, our aim will be to uncover:

  • What can be done – what options are available; exploring the benefits of taking action
  • How it can be done – practical and realistic solutions
  • When it can be done – will it be a quick win or a longer term plan
  • Who will do it – giving the task ownership ensures it is implemented as planned
  • What will be the outcome – what will be your return on investing in the change

With these simple aims, we are able to put together a practical solution that fits your needs, and something which can be implemented for the good of the business, even after we’ve left. If you’re looking for something a bit different to your run of the mill commercial consultants, talk to Advocate Business Solutions today.

When we founded Advocate Business Solutions, we wanted to offer something different to all those other commercial consultants. We wanted a business consultancy that really delivered on promises, and that made a genuine difference to the companies we worked with.

Our experience and expertise includes design, production, quality, finance, sales and  general management, with hands on experience of working in industries as diverse as automotive, retail, architectural aluminium, general manufacturing, and defence. This deep understanding of the intricacies that pull together to create a successful business showed us that something was missing in the business consultancy field.

Our breadth of knowledge and depth of experience puts us in a strong position to understand our client’s needs and pressures, no matter what sector they function in. We genuinely working with each and every client, exploring in detail their business and finding out what works so that the recommendations we provide really bring positive results and continued success.

Our goal is to do ourselves out of a job

Believe it or not, we don’t want a long term relationship with you. We aren’t interested in working with you for years and years on a project… well, unless you want us to, that is. What we want to do is address a particular issue you are having, identify where improvements can be made and give you the tools and strategies to run your business more efficiently and effectively in the future.

With any solutions we recommend, we’ll always be on hand to help with the implementation if you prefer to have practical help. We’ll also take care of evaluating your success so you can see for yourself what impact your investments are having on your business.

Of course, we hope you’ll come back to us again, should something else require our input. But we’ll always be aiming to get you standing on your own two feet as soon as possible, making practical changes that will help your business thrive.